About O.R. Billing

Picture of Jamie Womack

Jamie Womack is an orthopedic physician assistant. She noticed her surgeon bringing hand-written forms into the office each week and created an online method of surgery reporting specific to his practice. Other surgeons saw this being used and expressed interest, so she decided to universalize it for all specialties.

Picture of Asher Webb

Asher Webb is a software engineer. He is founder of Asher Webb Digital Consulting in Asheville, NC. He has built websites and mobile applications for a wide variety of clients. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Studies from Bard College. He enjoys spending time outdoors with his family when not coding.

Picture of Nathan Bennett

Nathan Bennett is a developer, researcher, and artist focused on building software that solves interesting and compelling pain points. He graduated from UNC-Asheville’s new media program in 2013. He has spent the last five years making photographic art and developing user-focused web applications and APIs for start-ups in Ruby on Rails and Javascript.

O.R. Billing donates a portion of its profits to worthy organizations.

Sign Fracture Non-Profit Logo

In 2021, we are donating to SIGN Fracture Care International , which builds orthopedic capacity in developing countries by collaborating with local surgeons and creating training and implants that help provide effective orthopedic surgery to the poor.